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What sounds can you hear behind your head ?


Soundry explores the world in three dimensional sound. Headphones on to listen to Soundry

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Sound Hunters

We just stumbled upon this very cool project called SOUNDHUNTERS and think you will love it too ! Sound Hunters is an interactive documentary experience which connects you with a group of amazing artists who have sampled the world and made those sounds available to you to turn into new music! Our favourite? Artist Simonne Jones exploring the forest at the edge of São Paulo. A beautiful journey through leaves, guarani words and machine sounds. It will make you want to go on a sound hunt too.


Cascade Mountain

A minute of wind and silence sent to us by radio producer Brian Cauley from the top of Cascade Mountain. It’s always an emotional moment to reach the top, put your headphones on for 3D sound experience…

Discover more of Brian’s sound work here and don’t miss his tiny conversations:


Of Montreal is the wonderful guest of this second episode of Soundry’s live panoramic sessions. Put your most elegant headphones on (the recording was made in binaural sound) and let your ears grow into the organic melodies of two beautiful songs bouncing against passers-by, plants and the glass walls of Botanique: the green house / concert hall in Brussels, where this 3D sound session took place. We hope you will enjoy listening to it with your two ears. A massive thank you to Of Montreal for participating in this little sound experiment !

3D Barbershop recording at Huckle the Barber

Put your headphones on ! And get ready for your hair cut and beard trim(works even if you don’t have one). Whether you’re interested in 3D sound or just heard about it, the shared a million times barbershop recording is probably the first audio example you would have come across. It is a good example indeed, but Soundry thought it’d be a lot more interesting to push things a little further and invite you to discover the amazing world of barbershops a little deeper. Chris, from Huckle the Barber in London, kindly invited us to discover the wonders of his barbershop he opened in 2012, where hair and beards aren’t just about beards and hair but also growing an inspiring project and community in the heart of Shoreditch. We had a great time, a great haircut, and we hope you enjoy this multidimensional experience too.

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Soundry at Sonar + D

Listening back in images and words to a great 3 days at Sonar+D festival in Barcelona. Thank you Sónar for having us and thank you every visitor of the 3D Soundry space for such inspiring conversations and exchange !

Sound Panorama : Listening with Bakul Patki

Listen with headphones on and travel : we played a binaural recording of our own to the artistic ears of Bakul Patki, co-founder, Arts & Culture Director of

Sound Panorama – Xavier from Tahiti 80

Listen with headphones on and travel : we played a special binaural recording to the musical ears of Xavier, lead singer and guitar player of amazing french band Tahiti 80 to capture his sensations on tape

Marguerite Humeau

Put your headphones on, Soundry interviews artist Marguerite Humeau who takes you by the ear through the way she listens to the city, her explorations of the voices of prehistoric creatures, and how she attempts to communicate with the life that could be found on one of Jupiter’s Moon.

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